Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On the Virginia Tech shootings

On the Virginia Tech shootings
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April 25, 2007

Am I the only person in America that is sick and tired of having Mr. Cho Seung Hui’s manifesto blasted 24 hours/day by all the news channels?

NBC should have never aired the heinous messages from such a sick individual. First, I consider it an insult to all the victims of the tragedy. Not only do they have to live with their sorrow, but they are constantly bombarded with gruesome details of the massacre.

Second, it is exactly what losers like Mr. Seung Hui desire: their 15 minutes of fame and glory. The message is clear: if you are a deranged psychopath and go on a killing rampage, make sure that you create a pictorial so that ratings-craving news corporations will make you famous. Not only it is in poor taste, but we are reinforcing future psychopaths.
So please, enough already.

Let the victims grieve in peace and find something else to fill your 24 hours of TV space. And for those people who enjoy watching hour after hour of this information repeatedly, get a life!
Carlos T. Mock


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