Monday, August 21, 2006

Chicago Sun Times Editorial - Phooey on city's foie gras ban

Chicago Sun Times Editorial - Phooey on city's foie gras ban
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August 21, 2006

How many people in Chicago have wrapped their lips around a morsel of foie gras? Right, only a very small fraction. It's very expensive, and very few restaurants even serve it. Which is one reason the City Hall ban on the serving of this goose or duck liver delicacy in Chicago restaurants is ridiculous. On top of the fact that the City Council should have no right to tell us what to eat. What will it do next? Ban chocolate because it causes cavities and is fattening?

In fact, all our august civic leaders have done is chase foie gras lovers out of the city -- you can get the fattened goose or duck liver in Evanston, Highland Park and other suburbs where chefs with savoir-faire serve elegant meals.

The Illinois Restaurant Association, a group of Chicago chefs and major foie gras producers plan to legally challenge the city's outrageous ban on foie gras. (City Council members argue that force-feeding the fowl is cruel to animals.) The restaurant group claims the ban, which goes into effect this week, violates interstate commerce. "What's at stake is the ability of adults to order legal products, the production of which has been overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, when they choose to dine out in Chicago," says Chris Robling, a spokesman for the foie gras producers.

It is hoped the restaurant group and the chefs win their case. The City Council ban is ludicrous.


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