Saturday, August 26, 2006

Beware, there are still crazy people out there! Just read this response to one of my blogs.

Note: this email is in response to an article called
Joe Liberman, sore loser
published at


Loved the blog about Lieberman. Please continue your fantasy-land dream thoughts about how great the Democrats are positioned to really sweep things in the upcoming election. It's very easy to run on a platform of "Hate Bush" without any real ideas on how to confront a vicious enemy like the Radical Islamists that we face in this war. Your ideas of surrender and capitulate are easy to espouse and a great reminder of how the Europe had an identical position toward a similar "expansionist" named Adolf Hitler in 1933. Unfortunately, you and your allies at CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, CNN, Air America, the New York Times, LA Times, & the ACLU will not learn the depth of hatred & persistence of our enemy until we are attacked again. When the latter is accomplished, your side will have the gall to blame the current Administration for not protecting our Country for the attack.

I want to be clear on my stance, however, with the Bush Adminstration and the handling of the Iraq War. I think this Administration has indeed handled the war poorly, but only due to the constant drumbeat of "handwringing" over how much force we've used. This "drumbeat" has derived from all your friends at the previously referenced media sources, and has resulted in a kinder-gentler US Force response. It is this situation, that we stand in agreement. Where we differ is that you and your allies belief that the way to peace is for UN agreements and cease-fires, while I believe that the only way to peace (in the Middle East) is to demonstrate the full capacity of the military might of the United States Armed Forces.

Your views are both frightening and of compromise to the security of this Nation. We ask that you and your allies submit, publicly, a plan to fight the rise of Islamic Fascism (I know this is a dirty word in your politically correct world). Cut & run is NOT acceptable nor are you acting in the best interest of this Country (although tis is a popular act in France). Stop your tired criticism of this Administration and offer an alternative that doesn't resemble a lap-dog biting at the ankle of a visitor.


Blogger Michael Darnton said...

I guess your correspondent forgets that these people weren't a huge problem for us, and weren't respected in their own surroundings until we started unnecessarily poking at them with an illegal and immoral war, and empowered them. Now that his friends have created a problem, we're supposed to want to let them solve it with the same type of incompetence that caused the problem in the first place. Thanks, but no thanks.

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